How mobile phone GPS tracking software works

There is the mobile phone tracking software that you have to have on the phone. Once installed this software will always remain on your phone memory but not the sim card memory. If someone steals your phone and runs away with it or resells it to another person, as soon as your own sim card is removed from that phone, the installed software send an sms to a certain cell phone number.

If your sim card is replaced, the software is able to detect and it will prompt GSM systems to send a text message to another number (that you had registered with during the installation). The text contains detail of the new sim card, including the cell phone number.

If you want to try tracking down a cell phone locations of mysterious numbers of find out who keeps prank calling you-you can use the information outlined above to track the phone locations. It's simple and easy to get started.

In case your phone is stolen, as soon as your SIM card is replaced by whoever has that phone, a text message (sms) will be sent to the number you had provided during the registration. The message has the relevant details of the person with your phone. Do the necessary after that, but be wise as you get your stolen phone back.

If he tells you he's working late, but the cell phone GPS tracking shows you that he's at a restaurant or hockey game, you will know he's lying. You could even show up where he is and he'll have no idea how you found out his location.

Using cell phone tracking software is a very effective approach is because most people will leave their car somewhere such as a parking lot, but they will usually never leave their cellphone behind. By using cell phone tracking software instead of GPS tracking sticks, locating a missing mobile is a far greater possibility because they will have their cell phone in their possession.

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